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House of Sport | Maison du sport

A First in Canada!

The concept House of Sport combines together several distinct organizations which may have various operational, staffing, space, and architectural requirements but which share one clear passion; a love for Canadian sport.

This approach considers how these diverse National Sports Organizations (NSOs) and Multi-Sports Organizations (MSOs) can share a facility where their individual needs are considered but also their co-location can result in positive collisions of energy and experience. Most of all, the House of Sport encourages the NSOs and MSOs to leverage their collisions to deliver increased quality in sport experiences and improved performances nationally and internationally. As each of these organizations is operating with different sizes of teams, this approach attempts to balance their proximity for maximum exposure while maintaining identity and autonomy within the overall design. The co-location of these organizations provides opportunities for knowledge sharing, provides a critical mass to leverage operational efficiencies and provides a synergistic platform for growth.

The House of Sport project has re-purposed 36,000 square feet of the RA Centre’s west wing and includes town halls, meeting rooms, quiet areas, collaborative spaces and flexible work stations. 

For further information or to inquire about partnering with the House of Sport, please contact Bryan Merrett, Director, Partnership and Engagement at 613-733-5100 (386) or bmerrett@racentre.com


2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON  K1H 7X7
613-518-0645  |  concierge@houseofsport.ca

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