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Whatever your fitness goal, our Personal Trainers can help you achieve it!

It’s time to bring back the joy of feeling good.  At LifeFIT, we are passionately committed to helping you achieve a healthier and fit lifestyle so you look good and feel great. Our team of Personal Training coaches are highly qualified, experienced and professional.  

For information or to book your free consultation, contact Royaida Raouda at 613-736-6202.  

LifeFIT has a diverse team of certified personal trainers (PTs) offering a wide range of experience and expertise.


These customized sessions allow trainers to design the most efficient routine possible to address your needs within the time you have to exercise.

Session Rates Fitness Member Non Fitness Member 
1-hour session  $ 65  $ 70
4-hour package  $225 $ 250
8-hour package $420 $ 455
12-hour package $575 $ 650
16-hour package $752 $ 848



HELEN BOLT - Personal Trainer & Registered Kinesiologist

A Registered Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer, Helen has been an integral part of the LifeFIT team since 2005. She is a member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA) and regulated under the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario. Helen incorporates the assessment of movement, performance and function to assist in rehabilitation, and the prevention/management of injuries. These skill sets can help clients to maintain, rehabilitate, and enhance movement, performance, and function in the areas of sport, recreation, work, exercise, and activities of daily living. A graduate of Lakehead University with an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology, she remains current with the advances in the discipline and associated fields. She has been a participant and coach in recreational and competitive sports, as well as an Exercise Therapist in a variety of Physiotherapy settings. Helen is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP); a strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA); and a personal trainer (CanFitPro). Drawing from training experience in yoga, aquatics, nordic walking, and indoor cycling, she strives to add variety and richness to the exercise experience. A strong believer in challenging the mind and the body, Helen combines endless enthusiasm with knowledge to help participants maximize their abilities and stay motivated.

To book an appointment with Helen:
613-733-5100 (312)

PRABHU DURAI - Personal Trainer, Strength & Rehabilitation


Prahbu is a graduate from Algonquin College’s Fitness and Health Promotion program and a CSEP certified Personal Trainer (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologist).  He has a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from his native India and has eight years of experience working as a Clinical Physiotherapist in a multi-specialty hospital and assisting sports physio.  Prabhu strongly believes that the health benefits of healthy and active living are immeasurable.

He epitomizes the famous and true saying ”Health is Wealth” through his guidance, motivation, teaching and safe and effective exercise program designs for all age groups.  

To book an appointment with Prabhu:
613-733-5100 (312)

MARC LAVOIE - Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning

A latecomer to the business of fitness, Marc is now fully engaged and has found ways to overcome the negative effects of stress and lack of exercise on the body after more than 30 years in the high tech industry.

Initially certified as a indoor cycling instructor, Marc has broadened his scope to include Personal Training through CanFitPro as well as Group Fitness exercise and older adult specialist through the YMCA, and continues to discover new areas of interest and explore some old favorites.

The road to fitness is unique to each individual and Marc would love to help you find your own path.

To book an appointment with Marc:
613-733-5100 (312)

CHRIS MCCALLUM - Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning

Chris is a CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) certified personal trainer and a graduate from Algonquin College’s Fitness and Health Promotion program.

While in College, Chris trained athletes and members of the Algonquin College’s fitness zone. Since his time at LifeFIT, Chris trained a diverse population. He has had experience in training clients with injuries, for weight loss and muscle/strength building.

Chris is determined to help you meet your goals within your time frame. He will teach you to exercise properly, safely and effectively. “This is your time, I am here to motivate you”.

To book an appointment with Chris:
613-733-5100 (312)

ANTHONY BIGGS - Personal Trainer

Anthony Biggs


Anthony has extensive experience in the fitness industry. He holds Diplomas in Recreation Management and Physiotherapy Assistant and is also a canfitpro certified Personal Trainer.  He also has certificates in Active Aging, Stress Resilency and Fascia and Body Assessment.


Anthony specializes in training older adults. He is very conscious of body alignment and form, starting slowly to ensure you are using the mind to body connection before progressing to the next level.


Anthony believes in living a healthy and balance lifestyle and has an interest in designing programs for weight management. He believes that fitness should be enjoyable and aims at making your fitness experience as pleasurable as possible.


Please feel free to contact Anthony if you have questions regarding how to make your fitness experience at LifeFIT the best it can be. 


To book an appointment with Anthony:
613-733-5100 (312)