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Ages 6 to 9
Our 7-week multi-sport program is focused on play to get boys and girls moving. Play builds confidence and imagination. Through physical activity children are given the chance to try new things, conquer their fears and build their confidence. It’s been proven that when a child is physically active and successful in their movements, they show higher levels of self-esteem and a great sense of accomplishment. By providing them the opportunity to participate in quality experience where they can sample all types of sports, boys and girls will follow their curiosity and cultivate their athletic interests!

Our program is designed for kids who are looking for a diverse, positive and inclusive experience. Following the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) philosophy and Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) stages, this program is built on a wide-base of fundamental movement skills with a physical literacy focus including the ABCs of Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed.

The coaches are training to instruct a wide variety of participants at developmentally appropriate levels. To ensure successful participation, coaches will be able to quickly and easily recognize the physical literacy of participants, and those who need more support by using CAPL-2 screening task. By doing so, they will be able to adapt their curriculum to suit the children’s physical literacy level, ultimately providing better support, giving each participant a fair chance at enjoyment of the sport!


Stay tuned for upcoming 2022-23 Session dates.



Jumpstart Kids Play Here 

Jumpstart | Bon départ

A proud partner of the RA


As one of Canadian Tire Jumpstart‘s partners, the RA works collaboratively all year long to help provide opportunities for kids to participate in sport and recreation, and get active and healthy. Strong communities include strong kids and at the RA we believe every child should have a chance to participate in physical activity. 

The RA’s I Can Play Anything Multi-Sport Program is supported by the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities Community Development Grant program. Families who meet CTJ funding requirements are eligible for a subsidized program fee.  

Go to www.jumpstart.canadian.ca/en.html to see if you qualify and apply for Canadian Tire Jumpstart Funding.

You must complete your RA’s I Can Play Anything Multi-Sport Program registration after you’ve applied for Canadian Tire Jumpstart Funding. To register for the RA’s I Can Play Anything Multi-Sport Program once you have secured Jumpstart Funding please contact Jenna Huisman by email at jhuisman@racentre.com. Please note you will be required to provide your Jumpstart Submission number which starts with ON.