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We look forward to welcoming campers to our March Break Holiday Camps from March 13 to 17, 2023. Information and registration will be available in January.

Summer Camp information will be posted in the new year - Please check back in January.

The RA will not be offering Holiday Camps during the December school break this year. 

Did you know? Camps can offer the perfect pandemic antidote
Camps can be a chance for children to make friends, learn new skills, and spend time outdoors. Kids have missed out on a lot of these opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 2020, our kids have been living an increasingly strange life of screens and quarantines, hybrid schooling, and enough change and disappointment to last them for years to come. 

Kids are resilient and can bounce back quickly. But more than two years of stress and anxiety is bound to leave a mark. Although video communications and remote learning have saved us in so many ways, they are no substitute for real human connection. Making new friends and strengthening relationships is the essence of camp, something we are all lacking and craving these days. Learning to be brave and confronting challenges in an inclusive and supportive environment are important facets of resiliency and an integral part of the RA camp experience. Being outside can boost their physical and mental health after long, stressful periods cooped-up indoors - and outdoors is where most of the camp day happens! For many kids, camp can be an important social-emotional antidote to pandemic living, helping to guide them back to their normal selves.

Camp programming will follow any public health recommendations and emergency orders under the direction of Ottawa Public Health and the Province of Ontario with any required safety measures in place when programs begin.