Judo is a Japanese martial art consisting of throws, hold-downs (similar to wrestling), chokes and arm-locks. It is also an Olympic sport (developed by Jigoro Kano) as a safer alternative to Ju-Jutsu (self-defence). While Judo is a grappling sport, Kano developed Judo primarily as a tool with which to promote moral values and positive character development so that they might become better citizens.

The RA Judo Club is focussed on using the sport of Judo to teach grappling and combat, while at the same time emphasizing values such as respect, mutual welfare, self-discipline, and work ethic.

Two week FREE TRIAL - for new students.

The RA Judo Club offers a two week trial period at the start of their session, this trial period runs from September 10th - September 26th, 2019.

Contact Club Coordinator, Jill Laidlaw at jlaidlaw@racentre.com to arrange your free trial.